Do you have your own Tallis?

ijLs1395153.jpgIn honor of the Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashana - buy yourself your very own Tallis.

Being that there are many different kinds of Talleisim (Tallis in plural) we will be taking in orders and buying them on your behalf.
Rabbi Winner will also be ready to show you how to don the Tallis and make the blessing the correct way.

When buying a tallis there are a few things to take into account. 

  1. The size of the Tallis.
  2. The style of the Tallis.
  3. The price being asked.
  4. The Tallis Bag


  1. The size of the Tallis - there are sizes ranging from 60 centimeters wide – 90 centimeters wide. (If you want it hanging lower down your back, get a bigger one). Most people in our community get 60.
  2. The style of the Tallis - 
        A.     The Tallis has black lines or stripes across it. There are different traditions, from the look to length of the lines. According to most traditions the lines are to be black. And in a certain length and breath. 
        B. The knots on the strings. There are 2 ways to tie the knots, one is by separating each set with an extra twist and the second is by just twirling it without the separation. 
    When going into a Judaica store they will ask you; which style do you want… it may be overwhelming.
  3. The price - every Judaica store will have a different price. When going to a Judaica store you’ll be paying FULL price. Wholesale – the Rabbi gets the Chabad tallis (based on the teachings of Kabbala) they are a little more then the size. (ie if the size is 60 the tallis should be $75-80).
  4. Tallis Bag - is mainly for beauty and to store the Tallis. If one is happy with a plastic bag then that is fine, however, most of us want to put the Tallis in a special velvet bag. Price for the bag vary.

One can buy the Tallis through the Rabbi and at another time go into any Judaica store to pick a velvet Tallis bag of their liking. To see choices click here > 
There are also leather or imitation leather bags not shown at the above site if interested please let me know.

If you want your name embroidered on the bag please include the info on the order form.

To make things simpler for all Rabbi Winner is ready to pick up a Tallis on your behalf from a wholesaler in Crown Heights guaranteeing that you are getting the best in style, price and kosher certification.

For choices of Tallis bags > 

To order your Tallis > 

For more on the mitzvah of Tallis >


The Tallis  
The mitzvah of tzitzit is discussed in the third section of the Shema which is recited during the morning prayers. Therefore, during the morning prayers it is customary to don a tallis gadol ("big tallis") — a prayer shawl. Wearing a tallit or Tallis is the ideal way to observe the mitzvah, for only in a tallis is the individual enwrapped in the garment.

The symbolism for this is that we are wrapped and surrounded in G‑dlyness. In kabbala this is referring to the encompassing light – Or Makif.

In most Ashkenazi communities, men begin to wear the tallis only after marriage (and continue to do so even if they are widowed or divorced). According to Sephardic tradition, boys begin wearing a tallis at the age of bar mitzvah or even earlier.

In most communities, a person who is called up to the Torah for an aliyah—even if he is a bachelor or isn't praying at the moment—dons a tallis out of respect for the congregation. Similarly, the chazzan always wears a tallis, even if he isn't married, and even during the afternoon and evening services, when he is the only one who wears the tallis. On the other hand, many, including Chabad, do not follow this tradition.