memorial wall

Many people wish to honor their loved ones by placing their names on a memorial board that remains fixed on a wall in the synagogue thereby ensuring everlasting memory in a holy place.

This yartzeit memorial board was custom built . A bulb will light up next to the plaque with the name of the departed for the month that each loved one had passed.

  • The memorial bulb will be lit during the month of the yahrtzeit and during all Yizkor days.
  • Yizkor will be recited on their behalf.

This Board speaks volumes of your commitment to carry on the legacy of your loved one by doing acts of charity in his / her name. All plaques purchased will remain on the board in our synagogue forever.

You can order a memorial plaque online by clicking here. You can also view sample photos of each type of plaque by clicking here.

May the Almighty grant you and yours only joyous occasions, and that you go from strength to strength in joy and prosperit