Join us for services with Rabbi Avrohom Winner in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Our nonjudgmental philosophy embraces everyone, regardless of commitment or religious background. Services are held in a traditional setting, with a contemporary message. 

Friday Evenings · 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Saturdays · 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

134 West End Ave 1 Fl (side entrance)

Followed by a family style Kiddush Luncheon






What does a synagogue mean to me?

The Synagogue is a place where Jewish people have been gathering for thousands of years to pray to G‑d and connect to their soul. Through prayer a Jew has the power to communicate with an intrinsic part of him or her that cannot be seen or touched but is very real and felt.

It is for this precise reason that all the synagogues under the Communist regime where confiscated and turned into symphony halls, textile factories, warehouses, sports arenas and stables. If you yourself didn’t see it ask you parents, grandparents or family and friends they can all vouch that they remember when the main synagogue in Odessa or Kharkov or any other shul in the FSU was turned into a sports arena or factory. Being that FSU wanted to show the world that they are democratic they left the smallest shul in some of the big cities intact. However going to shul was a risk of losing your job and being discriminated and was therefore not done.

In America we have the chance to be free as Jews, free of religious persecution. Join us and you’ll have the most uplifting experience.

We at Neshama – Chabad Lubavitch of Manhattan Beach understand the need of a Shul that will cater to OUR CROWD – Наша луди – the Russian-American Jewish community especially those to have never had a Jewish education or don’t read Hebrew.

Rabbi Avrohom Winner, our Rabbi has the experience of communicating and explaining the different customs and laws in a very lucid way that any novice can understand and relate to. He brings insight and meaning including the teachings of the Kabbala to the services that when one leaves the services they feel uplifted and inspired.